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    When you are doing things that require a lot of documentation and strict adherence to formalities and obligations, it is better to have someone who knows about these with you. We say that because the companies who have availed our services for company registration in Singapore have thanked us for getting their company registered and incorporated without the least trouble to them. Tn Corporate Management has a vast experience in setting up companies in Singapore. We know exactly how to proceed with the formalities.


    We know what documents are required for getting your company registered fast. With the documents rightly filled up the job of incorporating your company in Singapore is very easy. Along with the registration of the company Tn Corporate Management also provides other services that will be highly beneficial for your business. We can also provide you with a highly qualified person as your company secretary. As you know the post of a company secretary is a highly responsible post that ensures that your company is completely compliant with the rules and regulations of the nation.


    The company secretary will also ensure to hold the annual general meetings. He is the one to ensure that the accounts and tax filing are done properly and at the proper time. Tn Corporate Management also offers bookkeeping services Singapore at highly competitive rates. Our experts can ensure that your books are maintained properly. It is a very important job not just to satisfy the government regulation but also for the company bosses to know the health of the company. When you outsource your bookkeeping and accounting service to us, you can use your office employees for more productive work.


    Tn Corporate Management can also help you in the compilation of financial statements which have to be submitted to the authorities. These statements have to be made in prescribed forms and we can help you to do this.

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