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We Help You Have a Good Cash Flow for Running the Business

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It is important for every company to have a good cash flow so that their operations don’t suffer. This is especially true for small and medium companies that run on a limited budget. The cash will come from selling the products or services that the company offers. It is not enough just to invoice these products and send them to your customers. It is necessary that you collect your money also on time. For this, you should be properly informed about the money that is due to the various customers. How will you get that information? It is by maintaining your accounts properly and up-to-date. If the accounts are updated, then you can extract the receivables report very easily. You need an efficient and qualified accountant to keep your accounts properly. This will be expensive for companies as qualified accountants don’t come cheap.

The better alternative to having your own accountant is to have an outside agency do the job for you. 8Finity is a company that offers accounting services at very affordable prices. We are among the best accounting firm in Singapore. Our services have helped many companies to have a smooth running. They have been able to keep their finances properly. Maintaining proper accounts helps the company owners to know the financial status of the company. At any point in time, you can know where your company stands with regard to financial stability. This will also help you to see what investments you can do in the future. We will prepare reports like balance sheet, trial balance, and profit & loss account. We will also help to reconcile your bank statements.

8Finity can also help you with preparing your GST statements. This will help you to submit the monthly, quarterly and annual GST reports on time. The financial statement that you need to submit at the end of the year will be prepared by us in the required format. Once you hand over the accounting job to us you can rest assured that all your financial work will be done perfectly by our qualified and experienced staff.

To register new business in Singapore foreign investors must necessarily go through a corporate consultant. 8Finity can help to get the company registered with ease. For registering your company in Singapore, you will need a director who is either a Singapore resident or a holder of employment pass. We can help you with a nominee director temporarily till you get your employment pass. We can also help you with a registered office address.

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